Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Perfect hairpin, Arthurs Seat Road

hairpin bend arthurs seat road

Okay, a few hundred years ago, this would probably have been a nice sloping hill, but you have to admit one thing. This has to be a perfect hairpin bend.

Oh, in the late afternoon, it may have been a cinch to take with a wide angle lens, but due to the area being tourist-central, it took a bit of an effort in not having any cars whizzing by. Mind you, it probably took me minute in standing there to take this instead of a second, so I'm not sure if that qualifies as an 'effort'.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The night is just like the day. Except you can't see.

railway line at night

I've got a few problems with night photography.

Firstly, during summer with its accompanying daylight saving, the sky doesn't really get dark enough until about 10 pm. By then, I'm contemplating putting on my night gown, as I'm feeling a little sleepy.

Secondly, if the stars are covered by a blanket of cloud, then the pictures just look like daytime. Except weird.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Waterdrops, Kyneton Botanical Gardens

water drops on fallen leaf

Yesterdays photo showed a leafy Kyneton Botanical Gardens. As a postscript, it makes sense to see one of those leaves lying on the ground. Water drops such as these, which can remain on a fallen leaf all day, remind me of one thing.

I hate summer.