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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Favourite Outdoor Blog? Get Voting!! September 2011

I always like to start off a blog entry with a photo and this is no exception with a sunrise during the Great Ocean Walk in Victoria in 2009. By the way it has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of this post...

Now, I'm a few blog entries behind where I thought I'd be by this time of the week, but I keep getting distracted which is not helping me get much done. Whilst I was doing some aimless perusing of the internet I thought I'd check out Steven's blog at 'My Life Outdoors'. Well, guess what I found?  He's running a little poll to 'Vote for your favourite outdoor blog'. My blog is in the list and it's looking a little out of place with few votes my way. So, I thought I should write an entry for the purposes of selling my blog to you and what better way than a random post typed straight off the top of my head? After you read this you should head over to Steven's site and vote for me pronto. You may be mumbling, "Why should I?" whilst gulping a cup of hot chocolate. Well, let me explain and what better way to begin by saying I'm the best bloke I know. In fact I'm so good, I enjoy waking up in the morning and meeting me again. I get to shower with me, walk around with my feet and it's really wonderful hanging out with me. Mm... Okay, where's Freud when you need him, so he can decipher that last sentence?

Instead of talking about myself for the next 25 paragraphs, I'll mention what anyone who looks at outdoor blogs would know already and that's Hendrik Morkel at 'Hiking in Finland' has built a steamroller of a blog that keeps gaining momentum. He has a great site and he's dishing out a fair bit of 'whoop ass' to other outdoor blogs which is not surprising from a 6' 4" tall, blond, god-like beast with rippling muscles. With his outdoor blog dominance I can imagine him lying back in a toga being fed grapes and fanned with banana leaves by a bevy of semi-naked women whilst his stereo is pumping out 'Ḉa plane pour moi' by Plastic Bertrand at full throttle. So, I'm fully expecting his monster fan base to swamp the vote, but I have a few things up my sleeve. Let's have a look at what I can bring to outdoor hiking blogs.

Firstly. Polarizer abuse! Look at the contrast and the totally freakish sky containing no glare!

Next up is unusual looking men with things on their faces!!

There's random 'beards' combined with thick lustrous hair that could almost be Elvis wigs...

More of the same, but hiking with artwork?! Umm...Yeah, sure!!!

Now, in this entry with the 'Aqueous Pulse 1' I was trying to bring a little culture into hiking. A sort of 'puff and pant with your Rembrandt' method whilst walking. Now, I may have been topped, as I noticed this week that the Goat has slipped a bit of poetry into his blog. He's pushing the limits of cultural street-cred now and if you don't vote for me, then I think you should vote for him just to reward him for testing the hiking blog boundaries. When I last looked he had one vote and that happened to be mine, so I'm expecting a bit of 'Goat comeback'.  In honour of his last entry I thought I'd come up with some 'poetry' of my own.

"From the days of the steamboat,
whilst decked out in a waistcoat

It's tough learning via rote,
and blogging can be cutthroat,

But, if you're looking to float your boat,
you better get into the Goat,

Don't think of a demote,
just praise the Lord and give the Goat your vote"

Pretty impressive huh? Yeah, okay it's not exactly Shelley or Keats, but what did you expect when I only spent 12 seconds writing it? What else can I offer?

How about climbing Victoria's highest mountain, Mt Bogong with the 2011 IKEA catalogue?!!

It doesn't end there, as how about random photos of a man in his underpants on a cliff edge displaying IKEA to the world?!

I can also see that people like to read a blog where it's not all fun and games. Don't worry, I've got that covered as well. How about some injuries!!!

Blood and Betadine!!!

Plain old blood!!

I should wrap this up shortly and by the way, I'm well aware I've used up my weekly quota of exclamation marks.

I started this entry whilst listening to music and a song came on that sent this post off the rails. It was 'Svefn-g-englar' by Sigur Rós who are an ethereal band from Iceland and this song is amazing, especially from the 1'24" mark. A wall of noise swamps the senses and it's similar to what a low, hovering flying saucer would sound like above my neighbours house (Not mine as I wear an alfoil helmet at all times to prevent aliens and the government reading my thoughts. I've thought of everything). Then the vocals start and they're sung in a strange falsetto style that sound like a Sasquatch whispering sweet nothings in the ear of a Sasquatchette. It's fantastic and why wouldn't one be a little off kilter after listening to that?

Well, I've exhausted myself banging on and I forgot what this entry was meant to be about. Oh yeah, vote for me or the Goat. If we don't take your fancy there's Tim and Robin at Appalachìa & Beyond who seem like really nice people who you would be happy to have come into your house and share a few Bratwurst hot dogs with.

I would normally mention Frank over at Our Hiking Blog, but he's not on the list. I think you got shafted Frank!

That's it for now. Actually, you don't have to vote for me if you don't want to, but just remember I can actually reverse the output of my alfoil helmet and monitor why you declined. I hope I don't pick up any other unusual thoughts whilst I'm tuned in...


  1. Men with things on their faces - could be the making of a new cult right there!

    I for one have enjoyed reading your blog, Greg.


  2. Done and dusted and you got my vote Greg.

    With your blog being the only one on the list that I've actually read, the choice really
    wasn't too hard......that's not to take away from the fact that I love your work tho!


  3. If I could vote more than once I would! Your blog regularly makes me laugh out loud which, for a blog about hiking, is pretty good work! And there is nothing wrong with a plethora of explanation marks! hahaha

  4. Andrew, thanks for dropping by! The mask is essential to keep some half baked mystery to the blog :) I'm the first to admit this entry was a little eccentric!

    I think I can make an acronym out of your final line. How about LUPP? Laughing Until Pissed Pants?

  5. Karla, thanks for that! There are some good blogs in that list, but there's no need for you to start looking at them :) I'll never achieve world dominance, but it's nice to upset the apple cart now and again!

  6. Eloise, thanks for the comment! Exclamation mark abuse is one of my specialities. It gives the impression I'm jumping out of my skin when in fact I'm usually on the couch with a straight face wearing nothing but my 'Y' fronts whilst covered in potato chips. Right??!!

  7. Greg, I'd like to return the favour by voting for you (done) and composing a special haiku in your honour:

    He can't grow a beard
    Hikes with IKEA catalogues
    Underpants on head.

  8. Hey G, thanks for that! It's all a bit of a laugh really.

    Nice haiku! I reckon you've spent a lot more time on it than my cutting edge 'poetry'?! I went to an online rhyming site, put in 'goat' and with the words that came back I reckon I wrote it in less than 20 seconds!

  9. Go Greg! just voted for you mate and you are topping out at 22%

  10. Thanks Pini for dropping in! Thanks for the vote and I'm loving your pictures of the snow in your latest blog entry. I better get over there and leave a comment :)

  11. Well, your poem does contain some truth - blogging IS cutthroat! And I liked the steamboat reference.

  12. Yeah G, the blogging business can be brutal! It can be quite hard work if one wants to be fair dinkum about it, but of course it depends on what one wants to get out of it as well!

    I tried to give you some blog 'love' in my comment on this post at Steven's site http://www.mylifeoutdoors.com/2011/09/what-are-top-outdoor-blogs-your.html

    I'm not sure if it got some readers heading your way, but then again we're struggling a bit as we're in the wrong hemisphere! At least you've got your American hikes under your belt to write about. I'm spending my time knocking off hikes less than an hours drive from my house :)

  13. Well it seems to be working...your in the lead right now. And as far as Frank at Our Hiking Blog...well I only put blogs on the list that were nominated in my previous post. I don't believe Frank was nominated...if he was then its my mistake. Thanks for the plug...even if it is for yourself...its becoming quite a popular post.

  14. Hi-larious, Greg.

    What you lack in skill, you make up for in charm.

    You have my vote. Only because your hiking blog has nothing really to do with hiking. I like that.

  15. Hey Steven, thanks for the comment! It's a great idea you had and it's generated some entertainment for me! Why not a completely over the top post selling myself?!

    No, I don't think Frank was there, so that's fair enough. I wasn't criticising you, but instead I was trying to fire Frank up! We're a strange lot down here :)

    I put your link in and on Twitter as well, so hopefully you'll get some people to stay to look over your blog. You never know! I might be plugging myself, but I'm also trying to get people over to look at the Goat as I love his blog.

    I think we all know that if Hendrik gets the word out he'll obliterate my lead quite easily...

  16. Nancy, thank you :) It's a pity as I thought I was writing about my 'skills'?!

    When starting a blog the overall theme can be a bit tricky I thought. I've always liked writing, but I wasn't sure how to do it as a blog. So, I picked what I do a lot and that's walking. Easy! So, overall I'm going for outdoors, but there's always going to be something a bit strange going on that my brain wants to jot down :)

  17. Hey, thanks Greg, I just had a look at your comment on Steven's site - cheers! I think it's already brought in some visitors for a look-see.

    My morning's starting very nicely indeed: I just impulse-purchased a ticket to Alice Cooper tomorrow night as well!

    Should be a great weekend. Good luck in the voting!

  18. No worries G! Who else wouldn't want to read about a bloke fossicking in the water for $2?!

    I love an impulse purchase and I must say the crowd at Alice Cooper would be worth getting a ticket alone! There should be some interesting looking people there :) I thought you would've automatically got a ticket as I notice you give Alice a bit of a run on Last FM! I'll drop you line on there as I've just got into Last FM myself.

    I can say Alice Cooper always gives me good memories as our school used to pump out 'Schools Out' over the loudspeakers for the break up at summer holiday time. Yeah!

  19. You are totally killing the vote. Mine is in.....did I vote for you? hmmmm . . . maybe!

  20. Thanks Sonja! Maybe?! I will crank up my alfoil helmet and check where your vote went...

    Yeah, I'm not sure what happened to the vote, but rest assured I only voted once and that was for the Goat! I almost feel embarrassed to have such a healthy lead. I think Steven should close the vote now and we'll all be happy :)

  21. Thanks for that visual Greg....Im actually imagining that scene with the Elvis wig & beard combo :)

  22. You've got me convinced. Nothing like a great betadine photo! :-)

  23. Eloise, what scene are you imagining?! The beauty of a $5 beard is that you can't tell which is Ben or which is me...

  24. Hey Lisa, thanks for dropping in! Betadine is de rigueur in my hiking first aid kit :)



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